Central Reach

Our Services

Clinic-Based ABA

Services provided in the clinic ensure that the child’s environment is staged in a manner that promotes optimal learning. Additionally, services provided in the clinic promote language, behavioral and social skill acquisition through intensive ABA training that is tailored to meet the child’s specific needs, skill sets, and developmental level through appropriate schedules of reinforcement.


Services provided in the home are an extension of our clinic-based service. From this platform, our interventionists utilize and model specific ABA techniques. Our goal is to teach the parents to utilize these skills within the home in order to promote generalization of skills across settings.

Medication Management

Family Therapy

  • Assessment
  • Brief Focused Family Psychotherapy

Social Skills Training

  • Intensive Social Skills Training
  • Training designed to promote the acquisition of social skills through direct teaching, video modeling, social stories, and role-play. These sessions are divided into two separate groups based on skill level, which follows a developed series of social skills using a blend of researched based curriculum.
  • Peer Mediated Social Skills Training
  • This platform allows individuals to rehearse critical components of social interaction with their peers. The peers have demonstrated the appropriate qualities, skills interactions, and behaviors that would serve as models for individuals who struggle with everyday social interactions.
  • Community Based Intervention
  • This platform provides individuals with opportunities to rehearse critical skills that are necessary for appropriate engagement in community based events.

Psychiatric Evaluation