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Autism Spectrum Disorder

The initial signs of autism may not be noticeable for many parent's, often they go unnoticed until the parent finds themselves struggling to deal with the problem behaviors associated with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is important to meet with an appropriate mental health care provider or medical professional to determine if the child has some degree of developmental delay.

The symptoms of autism typically appear during the first three years of life, however, early signs may be observed between the ages of 16 to 18 months. Among the most common and difficult challenges are functional language and communication, social interactions, behavior related problems, and play activities.

If your child is suspected to have the above developmental delays, we urge you to seek behavioral services that utilize Applied Behavior Analysis under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

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Check Insurance Benefits

We accept several different insurances; however due to specific individual benefits please call your insurance to see if you have coverage for Autism Interventions.

Insurance Providers:

If your insurance isn’t listed, contact our office to help you determine if ABA services are covered for your child.

Not Covered? Contact us to see if you are eligible for under-insured or non-insured discounts.

ABA and Texas State Mandates

  • HB1919 (2007) - Requires insurance to provide coverage of medically necessary autism therapies to children with autism ages 3-5.
  • HB451 (2010) Expanded this age cap to less than 10 years old. Unlimited coverage from diagnosis until 10th birthday.
  • SB1484(2013) elimiated age cap; added annual cap of $36k per year for children 10 and above (diagnosed before age 10).


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Dr. Harvey Martin, M.D.
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